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This Lead Generation Case Study perfectly depicts how proper digital distribution can empower content marketing, generating 200 monthly leads on average.

It is also important that all of those leads were people holding senior positions and are considered experts in their field, which increases the value of this network drastically.


HighKeyAgency is a Canadian growth marketing agency that has a wide scope of digital services ranging from Video Marketing and Content Creation to Lead Generation and Influencer Marketing.

The range of their services covers growth strategies and content distribution, but HKA has special focus on content production, being able to deliver an impressive variety of video content, as well as other formats. They can even create a whole corporate magazine!

A couple of prominent examples of their content can be found on the HKA Instagram profile.


During this campaign, HighKeyAgency had different tactic goals, so it is kind of difficult to articulate one particular challenge. However, these goals can be generalized as: promote content products and services among the expert-level audience in the following industries:

  • Real Estate;
  • Construction;
  • Health and Wellness.


Just like we have mentioned before - there were different tactic goals during our campaign. All of them were raising audiences' awareness by promoting a particular content product. But the products were different, designed for different people.

That is why we have chosen to leverage different LinkedIn profiles so we were able to segment our outreach and target narrower audiences.

1. Profile Optimization

During our Lead Generation campaign with HighKeyAgency, we had a great privilege to operate with profiles of influential people who are experts in their niche, producing professional niche content.

Obviously, those LinkedIn profiles were in great condition, as they were managed by people who have well-established personal brands. We needed to slightly polish their profiles to make them look all-star.

2. Target Audience Research

We have used LinkedIn Search mechanics to filter the proper audience. In particular, we have leveraged:

  • Location filters;
  • Industry search;
  • Title search;
  • Company size filters;
  • Keyword boolean search.

You can learn more about LinkedIn's Filter mechanics here.

Using these features, we were able to find dozens of thousands of connections. The next step was to form segmented lists of connections so they could be reviewed and moderated by clients.

You can learn more about LinkedIn Lists mechanics here.

3. Message Script Creation

Considering the fact that HighKeyAgency has a professional copywriting team, they were able to create an informative yet easy-to-read messaging scripts. However, we still needed to optimize their script according to our experience.

We have used our best practices to optimize the structure of the messaging chain

Needless to say that every profile had its own unique script, tailored specially for a particular target audience.

Mostly, there were 3-level scripts that included:

  • Simple and polite connection request;
  • Informative core message, that included statistical data that displayed potential benefits from client's services;
  • Follow-up message with a call-to-action to book a call.

In some scripts, we have also added one more follow up to remind prospects about the offer.

4. Outreach

It is important to notice that our lead generation wasn't simultaneous on all 3 profiles. During all 6 months, the outreach was launched gradually. We have started with fewer connection requests in order to analyze prospects' behavior and improve our strategy on the go.

As soon as we have got acquainted with the target audience - we were able to launch a more active approach.

This chart represents how the number of requests changed month-by-month. Please mind that we use aggregated data from all the accounts, so the numbers you see are the total numbers for all 3 profiles.

You might notice that the number of requests has peaked during 2nd month, then was gradually lowered. The reason for that is that we have been constantly refining our targeting, adding more keywords using Boolean search. As a result - our search has been narrowed to a smaller but more relevant audience.


To provide you with the most recent results, we will add here a couple of infographics that would represent the main metrics we use to measure the efficiency of our campaigns. This is a breakdown of the last 6 months of our campaign.

The first graph represents the number of Prospects, generated by our campaign. We classify a person to be a prospect when they accept our invite and read the message.

The ratio between the number of Sent Requests and the number of Prospects is called Acceptance Rate.

The next level is Engaged Leads. These are the people who have responded to our messages.

The ratio between Prospects and Engaged Leads is called Reply Rate.

The Interested Leads are people who showed interest in the client's services. We use it as our ultimate measure of success, as these SQLs were transferred to HighKeyAgency's sales team.

Finally, here are 2 charts that represent total and average results of the campaign. Notice how they form a clearly visible funnel.


This lead generation campaign is a great example of how combining high-quality content with a proper distribution strategy can bring high-ticket connections that convert into SQLs.

For only 6 months, we were able to:

  • Grow client's network with 8000 decision-makers;
  • Generate almost 2000 MQLs;
  • Reach average Acceptance Rate higher than 2o%. Considering that our prospects are credible professionals that receive dozens of invites daily - this rate is a huge success.

Feel free to find other Case Studies here or contact us to find out if our services would be suitable for you.

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